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Bangladesh Student Association at Georgia Tech

Good Cause

BSA GT Outstanding student in Bangladesh Fellowship Program

GoalMethodSelectionSponsoring the fellowship
The fellowship program seeks to help talented financially-challenged students in Bangladesh to overcome hardship in achieving their academic dreams.
The fellowship is provided as a monthly stipend to the recipient at every academic year. The duration of fellowship is for one year. Depending on the recipients’ progress and availability of the fund, the fellowship can be extended for further years.
The fellowship applicants are recommended by the members, alumni or affiliated members of BSA GT. The executive committee, including the advisors and available alumni members discuss the applicants and decide the recipient(s).
The fellowship program is managed by the generous funds from the members, alumni, affiliated members and other well-wishers. Funds can be sent directly to the current treasurer (Please see Executive Members page). Please mention the purpose of your donation for clarification purposes.

Fellowship Recipients

Rabeya Begum, First Year Student of BBA in NSTU

BSA GT gleefully announces Rabeya Begum as the recipient of “BSA GT Outstanding student in Bangladesh Fellowship, 2015”. Rabeya is from Begumganj, Noakhali and is third among five siblings. Her elder brothers discontinued education after primary school and the younger ones are currently in primary school and Madrasa school. Her father passed away in September, 2013.

Despite tremendous hardship and barely maintaining a well-below-poverty living, Rabeya scored GPA 5 (highest possible) from Commerce Group in both SSC and HSC exams. Her extraordinary achievements forced her family to let her continue education, an uncommon allowance in her locality and social status. She secured 6th position in BBA and 26th in English Literature at Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) admission tests. As of now, she has so far only managed an insignificant fraction of money required for the admission and continuing education. Without any financial support she will have to drop out and, as is customary in her community, probably get married and stop pursuing any further dreams of her own.

BSA GT believes that the financial support for the fellowship will allow her to continue her career defining education and make her the strongest hold for turning the fortune of her family and her surroundings. We also hope that she will be an ambassador to the fellowship program which seeks to add values to some other underprivileged talents.

BSA GT gladly appreciates the support from Manush Manusher Jonyo (MMJ), a United States-based nonprofit and non-profitable charitable foundation, to find out the right and deserving candidate for the fellowship program and to disburse the monthly stipend through MMJ Foundation’s volunteers in Bangladesh.

Good Souls All Around

BSA GT is committed to giving back to society. While stationed in Atlanta, we strive hard to reach out deserving people in Bangladesh crucially in need for help. BSA GT seeks partnership with already existing charitable organization to disburse much needed help with maximum efficiency. BSA GT is currently partnering with Manush Manusher Jonyo (MMJ) Foundation to reach out the underprivileged students.

Manush Manusher Jonyo Foundation seeks to help deprived people and financially challenged students in their adverse times and to empower them to become self-dependent towards a dignified life. MMJ Foundation secures donation from individuals around the world and provide necessary support to the needy ones through their efficient volunteer workforce in Bangladesh. Please visit the MMJ website (http://www.manusherjonyo.org/) and be a part of movement that is adding values to lives.

(The logo is the property of the MMJ Foundation and is used with permission)