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Bangladesh Student Association at Georgia Tech

BSAGT mC2 Rising Scientist Award – 2015

Mohammad Moazzem Hossain is awarded the BSA GT mC2

rising scientist award 2015 for his outstanding research achievements for the calendar year 2014. Mr. Hossain is a PhD Candidate of the School of Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His research focuses on automation of Computer Aided Manufacturing for high precision three dimensional part manufacturing using multi-axis CNC machines.

BSA GT congratulates Mr. Hossain for this achievement and hope that he continues to shine even brighter.

Sanzida Sultana passes PhD preliminary exam!

It’s our pleasure to announce that Sanzida Sultana has passed the PhD prelim examination. Ms Sultana

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is a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering and is pursuing research on design, fabrication and processing of polymer composites.

ECE Folks Nails it on their Quals Creating History!

Bengal tigers at GT have roared again. It’s a great pleasure to announce that all five of our Bangladeshi (origin) boys who have attempted, have passed their ECE PhD qualifying exam this time.

This is a new record of passing qualifying exam at the first attempt in the first semester! Congratulations folks!

Md Imran Momtaz
Md Nazmus Sahadat
AFM Saniul Huq
Obaidul Hossen
Farjad Alam Shabab

Best wishes for crossing all the future milestones of your PhD.

Congratulations Dr. Satter!


It’s our pleasure to share that Mahbub Satter has successfully defended his phd dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Satter.

At Georgia Tech, Dr. Satter has been working with Computational Electronics & Photonics Group on lasers and LEDs, and presented his thesis on “Design and Theoretical Study of Wurtzite III-N Deep Ultraviolet Edge Emitting Laser Diodes”. His researches have been published in numerous prestigious journals and conferences, and been awarded patent by USPTO.

Dr. Satter will soon join Intel’s Silicon Photonics group as a research scientist in Santa Clara, CA. Earlier, he

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was a faculty member at BUET from which he received both his BSc and MSc in EEE in 2005 and 2008 respectively.

BSA@GT extends its warm regards and best wishes for Dr. Satter and his wife Munmun Islam towards their future endeavors and continued success.

Congratulations to Dr. Hossain!


It’s a great pleasure to announce that Mohammad Zahid Hossain has successfully completed his PhD dissertation defense! His PhD dissertation is titled “A New Lattice Fluid Equation of State for Associated CO2 + Polymer and CO2 + Ionic Liquid Systems”. Congratulations, Dr. Zahid Hossain!

Dr. Hossain will shortly join as a Research Scientist in REC Silicon (a division of Norway based company REC) in Moses Lake, WA.

REC silicon produces poly silicon and silane gas for solar and electronics industry. Dr. Hossain has been an enthusiastic and active member and also served as the President of BSA@GT community. BSA community extends its heartiest congratulations and warm wishes for Dr. Zahid Hossain, his wife Ms. Zerin and their son Naqueeb, for their continued success and future endeavor.

Zakir Wins a Best Paper Award!


Congratulations to Khondker Zakir Ahmed, on winning the Best Paper Award at the IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design, which was held August 11-13, 2014 in La Jolla, California. The title of the award-winning paper is “An On-Chip Autonomous Thermoelectric Energy Management System for Energy-Efficient Active Cooling.”

Thermal management is a key challenge for today’s integrated circuits (IC) operation.

Zakir and his team have developed an on-chip thermoelectric energy management system for energy-efficient, on-demand active cooling of integrated circuits. The design is implemented in a CMOS test-chip and tested with a thermoelectric device. The successful demonstration of this control

system will fuel innovations in thermoelectric devices, as well as in the architectural techniques to address the thermal challenges of future processors.

Congratulations to Spring 2014 Graduates!


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Congratulations to Dr. Shahnewaz Siddique (PhD in Aerospace Engineering) and Aminul Islam Rupom (BS in Chemical Engineering) on their successful graduation.

BSA community has all the warm wishes for them.

Congratulations to Fall 2013 Graduates!


Congratulations to Dr. Kazi Shefaet Rahman (PhD in Bioengineering), Nabil Azad (MS in Electrical Engineering), Dr. Md. Atiqur Rahman Bhuiyan (PhD in Mechanical Engineering), Dr. Md. Moinul Islam (PhD in Industrial System Engineering) and Sabrina Haque (BBA) on receiving their respective academic degrees.

BSA community wishes these

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brilliant graduates bright careers, and strongly believes that they will create outstanding contribution to the society and make us all proud.

Congratulations to Dr. Rahman!


Heartiest Congratulations to Dr. Kazi

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Shefaet Rahman on receiving his PhD in Bio-Engineering from Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech. Dr. Rahman has been a prominent researcher in the field of computational structural biology and molecular dynamics. His PhD dissertation is titled “Modeling and simulation of the structural changes that accompany the gating cycle of the cystic fibrosis trans-membrane conductance regulator anion channel”.

Dr. Rahman will shortly join Bloomberg L.P. in New York to begin his career in computational analysis. Our best wishes and heartfelt felicitations for Dr. Rahman as he continues to succeed and make us all proud.

Congratulations to Dr. Bhuiyan!


Congratulations to Dr.

Md Atiqur Rahman Bhuiyan on the successful defense of his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering! He will continue his stellar academic career at GT in the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute as a post-doctoral fellow! Best of

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